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2002 Corbin Merlin

Update: Corbin Motors has gone Bankrupt and this dream is gone.
As of: April 2003

Please visit the official website for all the latest details on the Merlin.

Another good source is which features daily news and an archive that has information about the Merlin's development progress.

How my Merlin will look

A Merlin Owners Club has formed. Membership currently is free to all prospective owners. To join, simply visit the official club website at: and fill out the form. The website is still under slight development. Lively discussion also is taking place on the CorbinMotorsMerlin Yahoo Group. There is a sign up box for that at the bottom of this page.

Pictures from my factory visit.

Me and a Merlin body shell
Me posing with a Merlin body shell at the Corbin Motors factory showroom on July 18th, 2001.

Merlin technical drawing
A techincal drawing of the Merlin. Click it for a larger version, 142K file size.

New Info on the upcoming Merlin!

The Letter notifying those with reservations on the Merlin that you have options with regards to the Roadster should be in the mail. I'm on the lookout for mine. The letter can be read on the Corbin Motors website.

The Rolling Chassis

Progress is being made! Above is the rolling chassis with a Jims engine in it in place of the V2/90. This image is from the Hollister Rally on July 4th, 2001.

I'm reservation #114. If you have placed a deposit on a Merlin, or are considering doing so, please e-mail me at: as I'd like to discuss the car with other future owners. I've just completed a factory visit and will have pictures posted soon.

My Merlin will be dark blue, with dark tinted windows. I'm banking on a full leather interior. I'll probably upgrade the stock stereo system with more expensive components. With such a small passenger compartment it won't take much to have an acoustically superior environment. I'll also add an alarm with a perimeter sensor to help keep curious people from scratching the paint or worse. I'll probably add matching blue neon ground effects lights to the underside of the car as well.

The most extensive upgrade that I'm planning, and which the factory has told me they don't have in the design spec, is to have the single door remote hydraulically operated. The scissor door may need some minor modifications to the hinge, but I'm hoping that this upgrade will be nothing more than the addition of a small electric hydraulic pump and replacing what I assume will be a gas shock support for the door with the hydraulic cylinder. Somehow I'll get it done. Nothing will be cooler than to be in a parking lot with a dozen or so people surrounding my car, and to press a button on the key fob on my keyring to both disable the alarm and to raise the door. Now that will be cool.

I'd also like a small video monitor (like those in-car DVD players) that I could get wireless internet service on that didn't look like wireless internet. I want full color, graphical web surfing as if I were in front of my desktop computer, but in my Merlin. If I could tie in a hands free cell phone to the package I'd be in heaven.

So here's to dreaming of what the future holds! Check back often or e-mail for future developments.

Merlin Cell Phone Operator Logos
It seems that almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. Most phones now have the capability to display custom graphics, and the Cell Phone logo craze is in full swing. To help you keep the Merlin close at hand, I have created a few Operator logos that are free to download for your own personal use. If you like these logos, please let me know! What the logos look like on your phone.
Logos designed by Matt Birchard.  
click to view and save. Corbin Merlin
click to view and save. CorbinMerlin.Com
click to view and save. Both Views

These logos have all been designed as "Operator Logos" and so will be displayed on your phone all the time.

To move the image to your phone you will first need to save the logo you like to your hard drive. To do this simply click on the logo of your choice and remember where you save it to. You can also right click and save as for Windows.

You will then need to download a "Smart SMS" program. (see below) This will dial out via your modem and send the logo to your phone via an SMSC. When the logo arrives you then select that you wish to keep it and thats it. The logo has been transferred from this page onto your phone.

SmartSMS 3.5

For your convenience I have uploaded SmartSMS 3.5 to my server so that you can download it from there. Before you download it please note that I offer no support on this product and I have no association with it. I have added it as a download here purely to save you searching the Internet for SmartsSMS software. This product is "Shareware" and will last 10 days before it requires registration. (Works with most Nokia Phones)

Download Size = 2.14 Mb

Click to begin Download

For support, latest updates and phone compatibility list go to:


All the logos on this page are copyrighted by Matt Birchard and can only be used for personal use. They can not be added to other collections or sold along with other logos without permission.

Copyright © 2001 Matt Birchard. All Rights Reserved.


Thanks to for providing me with the idea and much of the text for this section.

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